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Vase Painting

Late Night  - Paint Night !

 We are hosting    * Late Nights Again ! 

 We stay open 3 extra hours for y0u to        paint more!

  Call for more information or to book your seat for Late Night      253.588.4400

The days for Late Night event are posted and updated on our Events page, Facebook page

and at the Studio.


  No Sitting Fee, No Studio Fee

  Items are Individually Marked

  Pricing is all inclusive (+ tax)

  Bisque is ready to paint

  Average pricing $10.00 to $100.00 


 $100.00 for 2 hours during regular business days/hours for your group IF you wish to make it private, this means that no guests will be able to enter the party room during your privately scheduled event.  *prepaid Non-refundable but can be rescheduled 1 time if needed.


Although we are normally Closed on a Monday

You can Book the studio for MONDAYS! 

  for just a $150.00 studio fee. (+Tax)  

You'll get the entire studio to yourselves

 You pay for the items you want to paint

  You get 2.5 hours of uninterrupted painting and we do the clean up. 

Choose either

Noon - 2:30pm   OR   3pm to 5:30pm

and tell us what Monday you would like to book for a private paint session,

if it is available, we will accommodate!

Call us at 253.588.4400 to book the studio,

non-refundable Full payment due at time of booking.

Items chosen to paint are price as marked

(separate from the studio fee)

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